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Tell Us All About Your eBook Idea
Let’s hear your idea! We have years of experience with non-fiction and fiction ghostwriting, including technical and STEM subjects and topics covering business, self-help, psychology, history, lifestyle, health, diet, hobbies, and more. Cozy romances, cozy mysteries, young adult, and kid lit are among our most popular fiction genres.

(Please, no graphic content or blatant “-isms” such as racism, sexism, or any other extreme “-ism.” That’s just not our jam.)
Step 3
Outline Your eBook
We work with you to ensure your eBook outline includes all the content you want and none that you don’t. Your eBook’s tone and voice, word count, chapter topics and subtopics, and optional pages, such as a dedication or About the Author page, all go on the outline before a single word gets written.

Putting the correct parameters on your project from the start helps us create your eBook in a timely fashion, meaning you have it in hand sooner rather than later. We’ll also set up your contract and payment information at this time.
Step 4
Your eBook Outline Heads to Your Writer
We assign your eBook to one of our talented ghostwriters, who reviews your outline and any supplemental materials and returns with any questions before starting the job. We want to make sure everyone is on the same page. (That’s an eBook joke.)
Step 5
We Set Deadlines & Milestone Check-Ins
We arrange your eBook chapters or segments on our calendar to ensure the writer has adequate time to properly produce your content. While it would be amazing, 30,000 to 40,000 words cannot happen overnight, so we generally work on an average three-to-four-week turnaround for standard-length eBooks.
Step 6
Review Your eBook As It’s Written
You choose your level of involvement during the writing process. Some authors like to read and supply editing notes after every chapter. Some like to read and review a few chapters at a time. Some even like to wait until all their content is written to read through and notate their full manuscript. It’s up to you! Just let us know so we can send you materials accordingly.
Step 7
We Complete Any Content Edits
We take all your review notes and ensure that your content is EXACTLY what you expected and wanted to produce. Once you’ve reviewed and approved your full manuscript draft, we cannot take any more corrections or add additional content, so be sure to be thorough on your last read-through.
Step 8
We Copy-Edit & Proofread Your Approved eBook
It’s time to go through the editing wringer! One of our experienced editors checks your eBook and then checks it again for any spelling errors, weird punctuation, funky syntax, or grammar whoopsies. Then they check it again, just to be sure.
Step 9
Almost There…We Finalize Your Formatting
From the title page to the last chapter, the introduction to the conclusion, your eBook receives thorough professional formatting. Your eBook’s editor ensures that every word is in the correct font, every heading links back to the clickable table of contents, and every page meets our stringent style guide for finished content.
Step 10
You Take Ownership of Your Strictly Fresh eBook!
Congratulations! You’re the proud owner of your very own Strictly Fresh eBook. You can now upload and sell it across digital platforms or offer it as a freebie download on your business or personal website. You could take it to a copy center and print out enough pages to wallpaper your home! It’s your eBook, you do you.
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